Weatherproof design for any environment

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Weatherproof design for any environment

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The weatherproof Bosch EV810 uses a fully-sealed enclosure to provide reliable charging in any condition. An adjustable power output ranges from 12 - 32 amps to help you find the most efficient charge for your electric vehicle and existing wiring. A convenient plug-in option and wall mounting plate allows for the EV810 to be easily moved.

The Level 2 240V American made Power Xpress lets you choose between 12 - 32 amps of power, and can charge compatible EVs up 6 times faster than a standard level 1 cordset. The compact and durable design of the Bosch EV810 will withstand nearly any environment while taking up minimal space. Inside and out, the EV810 is versatile, reliable, and efficient.


Bosch EV810 is built to exceed NEMA 4X standards, making it weatherproof and ideal for indoor or outdoor installation, charging safely in any environment. Bosch recommends working with an experienced electrician to install your new charging station. Looking for an electrician? Visit the Bosch installer map for a recommendation.

Ask your electrician to install a NEMA 6-50 outlet. Once installed, simply plug in your EV810 charger and start charging.

Charge Anywhere

The EV810 is built to withstand rain, sleet, snow, ice and heat, all while delivering a reliable, safe and fast charge. Industry-leading NEMA 4X weatherproofing means you can safely charge indoors or out.

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